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Your campaigns just became even more EPIC!

DnDJ lets you choose from a vast selection of professionally composed soundscapes that will have you and your party feeling more immersed than ever before.


Affordable pricing and strict quality standards make it easier than ever to create great playlists for your campaign.


DnDJ lets you, the Dungeon Master, create your own unique soundscapes for all types of games and campaigns. Your party will feel more immersed than ever before by using the growing content created and sold by approved fellow tabletop-inspired audio composers. This creates a more unique and in-depth library of quality content that will boost your player's experience every time you play. 

Mobile Companion

Access your saved playlists from anywhere on any device.

Play It

Mix and match your selection of tracks to create your unique vibe.

Mix it

Browse and listen to our ever-growing library and save the tracks you love.

Pick it

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